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NO MORE Mortgage is an A+ rated company that could help you reach your financial goals.

Would you like to be debt free in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 of the time it will take you now? How about building up your retirement account instead of the banks? And do it all without hurting your credit like many other programs will do?

That’s exactly what thousands of our clients are on track to do right now thanks to the NO MORE Mortgage program.

NO MORE Mortgage has been helping our clients change their financial future for over 14 years now.

And NO MORE Mortgage has an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). NO MORE Mortgage has an A+ rating with the BBB

We can show you that homeowners who have been in their home for at least 2 years and have at least $10,000 of debt (besides their mortgage), can become debt free and save $20,000-$200,000 in interest within an average of 9 years. This is often without an increase in your current payments and no upfront fees. The NO MORE Mortgage program is available to homeowners in all 50 states. It works just as well for non-homeowners with the average debt load we see today.

There is a huge difference in what NO MORE Mortgage can do for you and what the other programs you hear on the radio and see on TV claim. Those programs are usually debt settlement, consolidation, or debt negotiation companies. Not only could they damage or completely destroy your credit, but they rarely address all of your debt the way NO MORE Mortgage can. Those other programs are usually aimed at only unsecured debt, like credit cards, leaving you with your largest debt, the mortgage, that they could not work with. Then you’ll find that your credit history has been severely damaged–making it seem like an impossible task if you need to refinance in the near future. And the damaged credit score would ensure that you pay a much higher interest rate on any credit you are able to obtain in the future. This is why you need to look at your options when it comes to a strategy to eliminate your debt. The NO MORE¬† Mortgage program not only addresses all of your debt, but it also doesn’t harm your credit.

NO MORE Mortgage delivers on what we promise while helping you to maintain a good credit rating. The way our program is designed you may even see your credit improve faster than it normally would. And our program has a client success rate of over 95%.

NO MORE Mortgage uses a comprehensive method to professionally manage your debt elimination.

Our method, combined with continued financial education, ultimately results in clients who enjoy huge interest savings while eliminating their mortgage and all other debt in an average of 9 years or less. Your personal debt elimination plan could take a little longer, or even happen sooner, based on the amount of debt you carry, and other factors that vary from person to person. You can find out how soon you can be debt free by simply requesting a free debt analysis from NO MORE Mortgage. This analysis will also show you a schedule of payments for your debt, as well as how long it will take to pay it off based on how you are paying your debts today.

With NO MORE Mortgage, you can receive your free, personalized debt elimination plan and make informed decisions based on real numbers. This plan is created by putting your debt information into our comprehensive debt analysis system, which generates a seven-page personalized financial analysis. You’ll see the proposed debt restructuring, interest savings, and debt-free dates. Plus you’ll see a real comparison between what our plan can save you and how much more time and money it will take you to be debt free based on how you pay your bills today. NO MORE Mortgage shows you up front what you could achieve without any cost or obligation to you.

NO MORE Mortgagee has a nationwide live-call distribution system. This allows you to get a free consultation immediately, with a qualified Personal Finance Analyst. Our analysts and customer service group are based right here in the U.S.A., so you won’t have any trouble reaching or speaking to us.

Larry Ruff, the founder and CEO of NO MORE Mortgage, has over 25 years of experience in business and a passion for helping our clients  change their futures and relieve the debt-related stress they carry with them. In October of 1999, he partnered with Financial Insights of Ogden, Utah, to add new marketing channels for their automated debt elimination program. Prior to that, Larry ran a credit counseling office for Financial Freedom, Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah, enrolling clients into debt management programs and conducting financial planning seminars.

Before that he founded Ruff Investments, a successful syndicator of large residential apartment buildings. Larry was also a 50% owner of Timpanogos Realty where his personal sales exceeded $20 million in his first three years. He majored in Financial and Estate Planning at Brigham Young University with a minor in Economics.

NO MORE Mortgage offers the cream of the crop out of all the debt elimination programs available. Our unique debt elimination plan comes highly recommended to homeowners and non-homeowners alike by a number of satisfied clients.

Authentic video testimonials of other satisfied NO MORE Mortgage clients along with an impressive corporate profile can be found on the company website.

Here is a short 2 minute video of Larry talking about our program at NO MORE Mortgage. Please sit back and listen to what our program could do for you in receiving your free analysis of your debt. At the very least ask for our free NO MORE Mortgage audio CD up on the top right side of the page.

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